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Orchestra Awards


Local: 25 All-Region Winners and 28 Superior Awards for local Solo & Ensemble

State: 22 State Solo & Ensemble Winners and 2 All-Area Winners


Region Orchestra::

Students selected on Violin were: Evelyn Allsup, Luke Brehm, Isaac Cortez, Morgan Crowley, Jonathan Derk, Jimena Garcia, Diana Hubbard, Careese Key, Caleb Landin, Errolyn Slaugh, and Eliud Vela.

Selected on Viola were:  Imaya Farrell, Ella Fotinos, Madeline Gonzales, Carson Grieb, Kenneth Nelson, Nina Pyron, and Sophia Quevedo.

Selected on Cello were: Caedmon Briggs, Michael Castillo, Joshua Ferrer, Dhalia Jennings, Katelyn Petersen, John Rice, and Cameron Slaugh.

Congratulations to senior, Katelyn Petersen, for obtaining 1st chair for all the cellos in the region!  


Texas State Solo & Ensemble Contest Qualifiers:

 9th. Grade: Luke Brehm, Charis Key

10th Grade: Evelyn Allsup, Isaac Cortez, Arianna Espinosa, Joshua Ferrer,  Sebastian Garcia, Caleb Landin, Lyla Mathis, Nina Pyron, Sophia Quevedo, Eliud Vela.

11th Grade: Morgan Crowley, Ximena Garcia, Diana Hubbard, Abby Lugma.

12th Grade: Imaya Farrell, Madeline Gonzales, Katelyn Petersen, John Rice, Cameron Slaugh.

UIL Results:

Varsity Full and Non-Varsity Orchestras received a Sweepstakes Award at the 2018 UIL Concert/Sight-Reading Contest.  Varsity String received an overall Excellent rating.  

“Music gives wings to the soul and teaches it to fly.”

— Unknown

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